Amanda Frances – Holiday Business Bundle


Only you can make 2020 the best year of your life. Only you can decide that you will not wait one more day, year or decade to do your part to change the world with your great work and create the life you want.

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Amanda Frances – Holiday Business Bundle

Amanda Frances - Holiday Business Bundle

You have divine desires.

You want a certain lifestyle.

You long to help others and make a big difference.

You want a bigger presence.

You want more money.

You want to make an impact.

The thing is, no one can do this for you.

And no one is coming to save you.

It is up to you.

Only you can make 2020 the best year of your life.

Only you can decide that you will not wait one more day, year or decade to do your part to change the world with your great work and create the life you want.

The desires of you heart were placed there on purpose.
It is time for you to walk them out.

It is time for you to believe in your work, follow the divine guidance available, and make the impact and income you are here for.

If you don’t know me…

I am a world-renowned thought leader on financial empowerment for women, a mentor for women entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, and a soulful business guru to the hundreds of thousands of women who follow my work online.

Not in some salesy, gross way that doesn’t feel good to them… but by following their hearts and taking massive action.

I am re-releasing The Boss Lady Holiday Business Bundle with a very clear intention:

I am also adding a ton of new content.

I want 2020 to be a year you never forget — the year you did the damn thing, the year that changed everything, the year you chose to slay your way through the new decade.

 Handling Fear in Your Business (valued at $297)

Telling Your Stories Online to Attract Clients (valued at $297)

When Shit Falls Apart in Your Business (valued at $297)

Branding Based on Your Core Truth: Be More Real (valued at $297)

Increasing Your Confidence in Your Work (valued at $297)

Raising the Irresistible Magnetism in Your Business (valued at $297)

The Foundation for Manifesting Money (valued at $297)

Manifesting Your Financial Desires (valued at $297)

Holding Space for Your Financial Desires (valued at $297)

Clearing Space to Manifest Your Desires (valued at $297)

Setting Big Goals for the New Year in Your Business (valued at $297)


are 45-75 minutes in length

contains countless practical business tips and tested strategies

is infused with spiritual principles and manifestation techniques

contains 1-2 meditations

has previously only been seen by a small group of Amanda’s private clients

Total of Value of Eleven Business Basics Training Videos:

This year, I am adding tons of NEW content to The Holiday Bundle!

Freeing Yourself From Self-Judgement (value $297)

Upgrading into Higher Truth by Deepening our Creation Systems (Value $297)

Expand Your Vision + Tap into Desire by Designing Your Day (Value $297)

Bonus Prompt: My Favorite Journaling Strategy to Rearrange Energy (Value $297)

Bonus Video: The Struggle Isn’t Required Video (Value $297)

Bonus Prompt: The Future Visioning Meditation (Value $297)

How to Get into the Energy of Being on the Other Side (Value $297)

Shifting Out of the Energy of Panic + Anxiety (Value $297)

Establishing Your Identity + Locking in What You Know to Be True About You ($297)


…are 29-54 minutes in length (with the exception of one 7 minute video)

…were recorded as a part of two online training series

…include what I have learned as I have deepened and matured the systems and dynamics through which I design my life and business

…were recorded in Malibu and New York City over the past 18 months

… demonstrate the evolution of the foundational concepts by which I built my business

Total of Value of Seven New Videos + Bonuses: $2,673

Boss lady Holiday Bundle, Amanda Frances Earning Six Figures as a Heart Centered Entrepreneur (valued at $47)

Boss lady Holiday Bundle, Amanda Frances Earning with Your Divine Purpose (valued $47)

Boss lady Holiday Bundle, Amanda Frances Earning with Ease Training (valued at $47)

Boss lady Holiday Bundle, Amanda Frances Getting Paid to Be Yourself (valued at $47)

Boss lady Holiday Bundle, Amanda FrancesVision Board Party — Manifest Your Desires in the New Year (valued at $47)

Boss lady Holiday Bundle, Amanda Frances Money Manifestation Party — Manifest Cash Money in the New Year (valued at $47)

Boss lady Holiday Bundle, Amanda Frances How to Manifest Money Quickly — Holding Space for Big Goals (valued at $47)


…are 45-75 minutes in length

…were recorded as promotional material for my coaching and course offers

…are filled with incredible business tips

…shows you my process for pitching and selling with clarity and ease

… demonstrates my non-attached & non-salesy way of sharing with potential clients

I have included the above bonuses with the intention that by watching and studying these webinars, you will see the evolution of how I sell online naturally, without feeling like a salesy asshole.

Total of Value of Seven Extra Webinar Bonuses: $329

It’s my desire that you feel clear, confident, unapologetic and super fucking worthy as you grow your presence online, earn the cash money, and change the worlds of  those who need your work.

Although I started this business nearly nine years now, in the beginning, my coaching practice was part time and on the side.

It wasn’t until May of 2014 that I decided that I was ready to go bigger. I quit my PhD program and put my heart and soul into growing this business.

By August of that year, I was generating over $8k a month. By February of 2015, $12k. By March, $20k. By April of 2016, $64k. By February of 2017, $109k. By July of 2017, $186k. By February of 2018, $250k each month. By February of 2018, $350k a month…

And it keeps increasing. We generate multiple six figure cash months, every single month over and over again.

I want to help you utilize every resource that helped me build my multiple-seven figure business.

That’s what this offer is about. These videos contain some of my best business content. It is like a Boss Lady Business Overview. We cover branding, selling, coaching, fear, holding space, holding vision, manifesting money, attracting clients, building a brand, allowing these foundational principals to evolve as you grow and so much more.

The bulk of this content has only been seen by a handful of mastermind clients + other Holiday Bundle alumni.

And I am so honored and excited to share this with you now. It’s time you get paid as you slay the way into the new decade.

This bundle includes practical steps and spiritual principals to guide you in:

Overcoming fear and self-doubt in your business

Attracting your ideal soul-mate clients online

Increasing your confidence in your work

Forming your unique and authentic brand based on your truth

Handling crises, panic, and anxiety in your life and business

Forming your core, foundational business beliefs

Increasing your online magnetism

Financial goal setting and cash money manifesting

Clearing space for more cash money

Sharing your offers and getting paid through the intention to serve

Selling your work with soul, without being a sales-y asshole

Pitching your work with ease and confidence

Releasing the past and slaying your way into the new decade

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