Cherif Medawar – Commercial Real Estate Course


It’s time to shift from remodeling residential houses to renovating commercial assets. Whether you’re looking to create residual income, achieve financial freedom, or give your portfolio a boost, the Institute of Commercial Real Estate’s free training is going to give you tremendous value.

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Cherif Medawar – Commercial Real Estate Course

Cherif Medawar - Commercial Real Estate Course

One Commercial deal will Change your Life in 2020
How to Make Big Money by Flipping Small, Boutique Apartments.

It’s time to shift from remodeling residential houses to renovating commercial assets. Whether you’re looking to create residual income, achieve financial freedom, or give your portfolio a boost, the Institute of Commercial Real Estate’s free training is going to give you tremendous value. Learn how to syndicate deals, managing large rehabs, raise equity, the criteria for buying a property, and more. Financial experts say if you want to make money, invest in real estate. Learn how to acquire and transform distressed apartment buildings into high-yield assets for your own portfolio with VERIFIED Commercial Real Estate Experts! LEARN and EARN with REAL INVESTMENT CASE STUDIES, not canned training. It’s time to make big money with small apartments and commercial assets. Our training will also make you an expert in raising capital through joint ventures, partnerships and syndication!
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Who We Are

Cherif Medawar Real Estate Investing presents to you the Institute of Commercial Real Estate. We are a training and investment company lead by a real estate fund manager who has. developed a simple strategy that can be implemented on any type of asset investment. He applies his strategy on all asset types, or commercial real estate types, that are prospering. He’s earned millions of dollars investing in single tenant retail and now he’s focusing on small boutique apartments. Cherif Medawar has been teaching investors, just like you, for over 25 years. He wants to help you attain financial freedom in only three to five years, but you must start now.
What’s in it for You

Create lasting wealth through real estate. Join the millions of people achieving financial freedom through the power of real estate investing. Would you like to pay your rent or mortgage for an entire year with just one real estate deal you can get under contract on a less than part-time basis? You will learn the proven strategy he used to build his own multi-million-dollar business.
What Our Students Have to Say About Us
Cherif Gave Me My Entire Business Model
Cherif’s Teaching is Easy to Understand
Cherif Increased My New Worth by 6 Figures
No Other Real Estate Compares to Cherif Medawar
How to Take ActionJoin him for a 100% FREE 90-minute TRAINING and Learn How to Invest in Apartments and Multi-Units.

At the event we will also introduce you to 12 commercial real estate asset types to add to your arsenal and the industry’s most creative strategies to raise the capital you need for your deals.

Join Cherif Medawar, the Founder and President of CMREI and the Institute of Commercial Real Estate, as he introduces you the most up to date techniques and strategies for acquiring Apartments and Multi-Units. It’s time to get connected with one of the Nation’s most experienced investors and start investing in commercial real estate in 2020!

Right now, you have a huge opportunity to get into the commercial real estate game, specifically in Apartments! For years Cherif has explained why he does NOT like investing in APARTMENTS- but this year he will explain why now IS the time to cash in on this asset type!

The window to take advantage and create huge profits is closing quickly! Make sure you take part in Cherif’s special training and start applying his proven system NOW.
Learn how to buy Apartments with little to no money down, even if you have bad credit or no previous experience! Learn how to group invest on these deals!
The F.A.C.T.S. System

This is Cherif Medawar’s patent pending “investing” system. Following these simple steps has earned him millions of dollars in real estate profits. It is comprised of these 5 Steps:
“F” is for finding the right property that fits your needs with the right market mix in a specific location.
Commercial Wealth Building 3-Day Training
When well-known investment mogul decided to lead a roundtable discussion on commercial real estate, it became a national success. After an overwhelming demand to study commercial real estate strategies, the leader of Commercial investing and training— Cherif Medawar, is launching his NEW COMMERCIAL TRAINING nationwide!

This 3-day event is strategic, powerful, and enlightening. Cherif’s strategies and techniques are the ultimate path to wealth. This event will re-affirm that NOW is the time to add commercial real estate to your investing strategy!

What does the training include:

1-Ticket to a LIVE 3-Day Workshop in your area where we will cover syndication, 12 commercial real estate property types with a focus on multi-family apartments, learn and apply the F.A.C.T.S. system and much more!
Access to the ICRE University – training videos, ready-to-use documents, daily worksbooks to use during and after your training
6 months of email and phone support
Bring a guest for $497


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