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Greg Systemly – Productized Masterclass


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Greg Systemly – Productized Masterclass

Greg Systemly – Productized Masterclass

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You’re one step away from adding more leverage to your service business so you can grow profits and reduce cost, energy, and effort while providing more value to your clients.

Introducing the step by step formula I used to escape custom done-for-you services and package experience into a highly leveraged, highly profitable premium program.

It’s time to make the necessary changes to take back control in your business and become more scalable.

Here’s what we’ll be covering.

  1. We’ll start with your offering, packaging/productizing your services using a tool called The Signature Service, which will become your proprietary process and blueprint for all systems and structure you need. We’ll work on your offer and price points so you get the clients and money you’re after.
  2. Next, we’ll hit on some foundations to find low hanging fruit for you to free up time in how you manage and operate your business to make some of these changes we’re working on. We’ll design what we call your Efficient Work Week™ so you have the ideal mix of vision/design time vs working IN your business.
  3. We’ll focus on your business model to make sure that you understand what it will take to deliver this new offering and what you’ll need in place to make it actually profitable because most owners don’t even track profitability or cash flow. Two huge factors in scalability.
  4. One of the keys to moving from generalist service provider to specialist (productized offering) is to know your client like the back of your hand. We’ll take you through our process called The Perfect Client Planner™ so you know how to speak to this person and who you should actually accept as a client vs just taking anyone.
  5. One thing we have to dial in is how you’ll launch the beta program of this offer and transition any existing clients, so we’ll give you a plan for that and some email templates that will help convert the low hanging fruit.

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your business and make it more scalable, and my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically…so we’ll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

In just 8 weeks, here’s what you’ll get:

Module 1: The Future Focus Method

You can’t create any progress or develop any system without a clear vision. Let’s start with the end in mind so we can reverse engineer the right system for our goals.

Module 2: The Optimized Week

Before you create any system we need to simplify and optimize the process we are trying to create a system for. At varying stages of growth within your business, you’ll need to re-engineer how you get work done during the week for maximized efficiency.  We use this exercise regularly to re-optimize our weeks and days for high performance. If you have a team, each member should do this as well.

Module 3: Design Your Signature Service

Learn how to start and validate your program when you’re starting from scratch. You need a standardized and repeatable process to get your ideal client the result you promised. That’s your Signature Service. This will become your proprietary process (ideally branded as your own) that will allow you to create the simple systems for both acquisition and fulfillment.

Module 4: Design Your Hybrid Delivery Model

In this training, we’ll dive into how to deliver your service more like a product. There are a few different approaches to this so you’ll want to pay attention and pick the one that fits your goals and needs.

Module 5: The Model Math

Growth comes with costs. Your scalability and profitability will require you to know how to forecast out and determine how viable your product suite is and help make those tough hiring decisions.

Module 6: The Perfect Client Planner

In this training, we talk about what your perfect client looks like. The reason that a lot of people end up in the mess of it all, is because they have too many avatars and they say yes to too many types of businesses/projects. We like to plan everything around what we love doing and then get organized with this planner.

Module 7: Deliver Beta

When you get your first few clients of your new productized/hybrid solution, it won’t be perfect. That’s why we encourage you to deliver a beta experience of your program to work through the kinks with real, paying clients.

Module 8: Client Journey Planner

The path from stranger to paying client. Too many people create complex funnels but when you map out your client journey and focus on mastering that one path to paying client, you give yourself the best chance to optimize that for conversions.

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