IQUIM – Dr Patrick – Porter Neurolinguistics Programming


IQUIM – Dr Patrick – Porter Neurolinguistics Programming


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IQUIM – Dr Patrick – Porter Neurolinguistics Programming

IQUIM – Dr Patrick – Porter Neurolinguistics Programming

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How NLP has made rapport a science and how to easily get on anybody’s wavelength with these hidden secrets.
– When to match and when to mirror. Knowing how to use this approach will help you build trust—and how doing it wrong will lead to a break in rapport.
-How to adjust your voice, language, and pacing to elegantly connect with other people.
– Trained in how simple adjustments to the way you breathe can have a powerful influence on other people – they feel they can trust you, but they don’t quite know why!
– Why state management is key to mastering any skill and how to turn feelings of fear or anxiety into confidence and motivation in less than a minute.
– The NLP technique to develop natural confidence.
– How to leverage the mind through the use of a client’s representational systems: Learn how we see, hear, and touch the world around us.
– Sensory Acuity: You will learn exercises that will have your clients believing you must be psychic.
– Eye Accessing Cues: You will learn why our eyes give away what we’re thinking without a single word leaving our mouths – and how you can use this to accurately predict people’s thoughts.
– The secrets of your own senses and get in touch with your intuition.
– You will become aware of information to which 99% of all people are oblivious.
– You will tap into your ability to see and hear things that are effectively invisible to the average person on the street.
– Master the Zone: Tap into your ability to massively heighten your awareness.
– He will go over the presuppositions of NLP in-depth, and how to apply them like a master.
– Learn the hidden power of predicates. You will learn to hear the cues in other people’s language and adjust your communication style to build deep rapport and understanding.
– How to use mind movies in or out of trance. Discovering how you create your own version of reality and how to enter other people’s worlds to gain better understanding.
– Well Formed Outcomes: How to set goals in a way that almost guarantees success.
– He will train you in the TOTE model. With this understanding you will be able to set up minute-to-minute feedback as an essential first step in doing any NLP change work – with yourself or others.

Get IQUIM – Dr Patrick – Porter Neurolinguistics Programming on sensecourse.org right now!
– He will train you in the meta-Model. You will learn over a dozen questions that cut to the chase when it comes to gaining a clear path to your clients’ goals and solving problems.
– The keys to the Milton Model using this powerful linguistic model to talk to any client’s other-than-conscious mind and to induce change states in your clients.
– How to calibrate, allowing you to ask a straightforward yes/no question and check for response without your client even knowing you’ve asked it (and that’s just for starters).
– How NLP professionals have taken anchoring to new levels and learn to overtly or covertly anchor a client’s thoughts and feelings so you can get them to feel those feelings again, instantly.
– How to use the SAY YES pattern and get people saying yes so much that they don’t even think of saying anything else.
– How to use stories to covertly get the results you want.
– How to use hypnotic language to get people moving in the direction you want them to go.
– The Fast Phobia Release. With this technique your clients will learn how to eliminate fears and phobias with this fast and effective process – some therapist make a good living doing this one technique alone!
– About language ambiguities to make suggestions directly to a client’s other-than-conscious mind. You will know how to be artfully vague in order to bring about covert, fast, and lasting change.
– How to use embedded commands, allowing you to hide messages inside other messages and communicate covertly with a client’s other-than-conscious mind.
– How to use strategies to elicit what it is that enables a client to excel at one task and then use that same strategy to get similar results in other areas.
– The power of time distortion to literally speed up or slow down your client’s perception of time with ease – a multi-purpose tool
– The language of influence.
– The difference between re-framing and pre-framing in language.
– The nine must-have NLP techniques that can be used for virtually any client issue.

The following is by no means an exhaustive list of what you will learn, and it is only the beginning of your journey into NLP (Dr. Porter will also be sharing NLP secrets throughout his advanced Masters Level Hypnosis Certification). We don’t have room here to share with you every single one of the amazing skills you’ll learn and experience, but trust us, all the bases are covered and then some…

Get IQUIM – Dr Patrick – Porter Neurolinguistics Programming on sensecourse.org right now!
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