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Josh Cantwell – Instant Cash Infusion


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Josh Cantwell – Instant Cash Infusion

Josh Cantwell – Instant Cash Infusion

Get Josh Cantwell – Instant Cash Infusion on sensecourse.org right now!

4 Weeks of Hands-On Coaching that makes you $500 – $20,000 in real estate investing in the next 30 days or less!*

(*Starting with no money, credit, experience, and without ever taking ownership of a house!)

Yes, Josh! I want to make 2011 my most profitable year ever…with your simple, fast, and SAFE Instant Cash Infusion Strategies that will make me $500 – $20,000 in the next 16 – 60  days or less! Please give me access to the 4 week “ICI” Coaching program.

I understand for the remarkably low investment of just $197… I receive ICI Coaching valued at $2,991 and $1,500 worth of FREE Bonuses.

My Instant Cash Infusion 4 week Coaching program that will give me everything I need to successfully do assignment deals immediately… (valued at $1,497)

I receive 4 weeks of Coaching to master the art of creating cash fast in real estate, all marketing materials, swipe copy and required documents including the famous Option Contract for each type of option assignment deal…

Get Josh Cantwell – Instant Cash Infusion on sensecourse.org right now!

I also get two tickets to an upcoming ICI Live Summit…(valued at $994)

One-on-one strategic plan consultation call as a fast action bonus (valued at $500) absolutely FREE…

I also get Fanatical 24/7 phone and email support to get all my questions answered

I also get the ICI Instant Deal Analyzer which tells me which exit strategy is best and what to offer.  (a $297 value)

To Help You Feel Even More Confident About Your Decision… I am Going to Make it Next To Impossible To Say No.  I am Going to Give You My Triple “Cash In Your Pocket” Guarantee.

1.I must be totally convinced that your ICI strategies are everything you say or I can return it within an entire year – 365 days – for a FULL refund, no questions asked…

2.Plus, I do my first deal and send you my case study to use in your marketing you will pay me back the twice the investment I make today…

3.AND if I continue to work with you after my first deal you will pay me 5X the investment I make today in credits toward my tuition in your high-level mentoring programs (if spots are available).

Why is the investment so low, what’s the catch?

There is a catch, and it’s a small one if you can call it a catch at all. I’m looking for success driven people to continue working with me on an ongoing basis…BUT only after you’re fully convinced you will achieve success using this program.

By offering this training program at an insanely generous price I help more people make money and prove these strategies work over and over.

When you make money in the ICI program and want to continue growing your business I hope you look to Strategic Real Estate Coach for advice just like so many of my other 6 and 7 figure earning students.

That’s it. Sound fair?

What are others saying about ICI

(*Unsolicited feedback from the ICI blog.)

“Option Contracts was presented well by Jeff. This is the first time I watch a contract presented in the video which was very clear presentation. I admired you guys because you are not greedy to train your future partner. You give it without reservation. It was fantastic.”

Get Josh Cantwell – Instant Cash Infusion on sensecourse.org right now!
– Jimmy Ygay Arlington, Texas

“We’re loving this training. Right now we’re needing the quick cash infusions.”
-Susan Rosenstein

“I am excited and eager to learn and hopefully in a near future, use and apply some of your guidance, advice and techniques.”

“I was looking for something like this and I feel it would be a perfect fit. Thanks,”

“I thought that your videos on equity, short sale, and lease option assignments was awesome. I’ll be doing these types of deals on this upcoming month and year.”
-Isaac Burtley

“I appreciate you sharing your expertise with us. I am truly thankful that people experienced and knowledgeable like you reach out to other people to help them.”
-Diego Diaz

“I love you guys. I will continue to follow your guidance. Your information blows me away. I love how you all work together to bring us the best of the best information.”
-Teresa Powell

-D. Howard.

“Thanks a billion times for this training. Once I started, I couldn’t stop watching & taking notes.”
-Jon Washington

Get Josh Cantwell – Instant Cash Infusion on sensecourse.org right now!
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