Kali Dubois – Forbidden (Banned) Patterns


Kali Dubois – Forbidden (Banned) Patterns


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Kali Dubois – Forbidden (Banned) Patterns

Kali Dubois – Forbidden (Banned) Patterns

Get Kali Dubois – Forbidden (Banned) Patterns on sensecourse.org right now!

VD  #1 “Stop Them Cold, Banned Patterns”
There are over 9 different types of patterns to cause massive sexual obedience, in bed and on the street. How to condition her mind with dep pleasure only you can give her. How she’ll begin to crave your pleasure and you will be put high on a pedestal for her to come to you, and please you, every which way you can imagine.

DVD #2 Banned Patterns: “The REAL Secrets On How To Sexually Master Total Strangers Immediately”
In over 90% of instantly meeting someone, you are judged within 5 seconds if they will sleep with your or not… but less than 8% of hypnotist know how teach you how to work with this small time frame…and NONE teach how to use that time frame to your advantage to totally control their responses.

DVD #3 Banned Patterns: “Secrets of Speed Hypnosis for “Sexual Trance Enhancement”
How-to-trance-out your lover in ways that make them quiver from head to toe. The type of sexual enhancement trances that make them beg you for more because you elicited their raw ultimate fantasy. Even if they are standing 4 feet from you.

Get Kali Dubois – Forbidden (Banned) Patterns on sensecourse.org right now!

DVD #4 Banned Patterns: “Secrets on How To Give Sexual Commands That Will Always Be Obeyed!”
A two hour seminar on how-to-use internal power to enhance your commands.There is a lot of talk about “deep understanding,” meaning you are supposed to be nice guy yet never demand what you want blatantly otherwise you look too aggressive or needy. That is all bullshit. When you get obeyed it sets in her mind a leader, be the leader.

DVD #5 Banned Patterns: “Secrets of How-To-Do Deceptive Sexual Hypnosis”
More real “hard core” practical secrets integrating hypnosis during the art of seduction and sex. The thing is, you don’t have to be into domination to want a person to submit to your interests. It’s just a natural human desire. The thing is you can’t just go up to someone and hypnotize them for sex.
It doesn’t work that way. Other hypnotists have done that and gone to jail. We want to keep your butt out of jail.

DVD #6 Banned Patterns: “The Secrets of Sexual Rapport”
How to use street effective rapport to get her comfortable, so you can easily slip in your patterns and have her think it’s all her own idea when she starts unzipping your pants…

Get Kali Dubois – Forbidden (Banned) Patterns on sensecourse.org right now!
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